According to the Unesco Institute of Statistics (UIS), 775 million adults 15 years and older lack literacy including reading and writing.
64 percent of the total are women. The lowest literacy rates in the world are from Sub-Sahara, Africa; South Asia; and West Asia. All the data is collected by the UIS and is given to the Education for All (EFA). The EFA takes the data and publishes articles in the annual GLOBAL Education Digest. The Unesco Institute of Statistics goal is to raise the literacy rate worldwide.
I deserve a B for Introduction to College Writing because I have learned a lot about run-on sentences, coordination, subordination, and sentence fragments.
Run-on sentences are very common in writing.
There are a couple different ways to fix run-on sentences, one way is using a semicolon. When using a semicolon, two independent clauses can be written in one sentence. For example, number 2 on page 338 in the textbook reads, Stephanie bought a five-year-old Toyota, newer cars were too expensive. These two statements are considered independent clauses, this means that they do not need any type of joining word to complete the sentence. The correct way to write the sentence would be Stephanie bought a five-year-old Toyota; newer cars were too expensive.